Dance Monkey! dance monkey, dance Dance!


What the heck does he mean by ’otherblandart?’

It’s technically just an anagram of my first and last names (Harold Barnett), which I found using this cool online anagram generator, but it also speaks to my opinion of so much of pop culture and the arts today. I look for experiences in art, music, film and theater that push me (and ideally others) out of the comfort zone.

And the purpose of this website is ... ?

While I deal primarily with the back-end, client-side of IT in my career, I worked for some time in Seattle as a web analyst and producer and found the work extremely interesting and fun. To that end, this site reflects my efforts to build up my expertise in web-related modalities such as Javascript/JQuery, XML, X/HTML, and Ajax (among others). The hope is to build a small portfolio of design work and perhaps contract small projects for some extra money and to exercise these skills that I’ve grown to enjoy so much. Having some fun along the way doesn't hurt either.

Who are you, anyway?

I’m an openly gay, 40-year-old database analyst, living and working in Chicago, IL. In addition to my day job as a database analyst at a local non-profit, I also work part-time at one of Chicago’s best (IMHO) bars – Big Chicks. You could say I have a pretty full plate, and I try to find ways to keep it that way.

UPDATED 8/22/2012

Updated/added questions to the Friendship Quiz page.